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Dependable Product Consultants from Wiltshire

Developing New Products

Build a new product or improve an existing one with Tricorn4 International Limited. As a reputable business, we have worked in the manufacturing and product development industry for more than 20 years.

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From Prototype to Production

We can work with you to find the best manufacturer for your products, both global and domestic. The factories in our network have excellent quality track records and demonstrate exceptional control measures.

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When it comes to distribution Tricorn4 International Limited has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We work with our partners to provide the the right service for your product.

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Successfully sell your products and services with the help of Tricorn4 International. Located in Wiltshire, we are a licensing and product development consultancy that brings innovative products to the market with global appeal. As experienced and knowledgeable product consultants, we assist you when you are looking to sell both your products and services. Formed by directors Bruce and Beverley Bodio in November 2013, we are an import, export, and development company that offers everything from CAD drawings to logistics development. Our directors were so inspired by an invention that helped their daughter-in-law Carrie, that they turned her experience into a business venture.

Glowing Customer Reviews

Choose a company that puts its customers first. Backed by numerous positive testimonials from expecting mums and professionals in the medical field, our service exceeds expectations.


Our directors formed Tricorn4 International to market the Babybellyband in the UK and Europe. Although they have another established business (a new technology company BioViron International) the Babybellyband is targeted at a completely different market. We began to successfully market this product after witnessing the amazing results for ourselves. Please visit   for more  information. 

Experienced Professionals

The Directors of Tricorn4 International have an established
consultancy network with 20 years’ experience of working with the USA, China & Hong Kong, Australia and throughout Europe.

They have brought their expertise to Tricorn4 to develop new and innovative products for the global market. Our team work in the USA and Europe as well as China and Scandinavia, and we have a consultancy that we work with in Genoa Italy. Our established network developed over a 30-year period, which gave us the ability to work with a variety of companies on a number of projects. These are the areas of expertise that Tricorn4 International can help you with:

New Distribution – Product Development

CAD Drawings – 3D Printing – Manufacturing

Assistance with Sourcing Materials

Growing Your Markets through Exporting

Put Your Trust in Us

The expertise and networks we have in place mean we are not limited to a specific product group. We have established the distribution for Babybellyband in the UK and Europe, a product from the USA. We are currently working on an exciting electronics project for a growing UK company . This highlights the diversity and depth of knowledge we have in helping you achieve your International aspirations

When a new client approaches us we take the time to get to know them and the vision they have for their product. If the product is ready for market we move to distribution. If they need help with better manufacturing we have a wealth of knowledge they can draw on.

Each product is individual so whether it is clothing or electronics, giftware or toys, it doesn’t change the way we can help our clients to progress