Babybellyband provides welcome relief for mums-to-be Bev and Bruce Bodio, from Wiltshire, were so inspired by an invention which helped their daughter-in-law Carrie, that they've turned her experience into a business venture.

They formed Tricorn4 International Limited to market the Babybellyband in the UK and Europe. Although they have another established business, a new technology company, the Babybellyband is aimed at a totally different market.

Carrie gave birth last year to her daughter after going through a pregnancy which became very debilitating. She said: “When I had my older daughter ten years ago, I developed a hernia.These can cause problems for pregnant women in varying degrees. Basically it causes aching, a dragging sensation, stinging and can be agony when you are on your feet for any period of time.”

During the second trimester of the pregnancy, the hernia in Carrie’s groin got bigger and caused constant pain which restricted her movements. “Very quickly, I was so debilitated I couldn’t even stand to make a cup of tea,” she said. “I couldn’t go shopping or do anything without holding my abdomen to relieve the pressure.The only relief was to sit down all of the time.”

Carrie’s consultant advised her that she was facing surgery once the baby was born but until then would have to cope with the problem. This involved several “Heath Robinson” attempts and various aids that exist in the UK, to help women with pelvic hernia or back pain during pregnancy but, for Carrie, they didn’t work. Also it is important for any pregnant mum to feel good about their appearance and nothing offered a discreet yet comfortable solution.

A further search discovered American mum, Caroline Christensen, who also suffered hernia problems during pregnancy. Like Carrie, she couldn’t find any product on the market which worked, so she designed her own as Babybellyband by Cabea LLC.

Carrie took a chance and tried the Babybellyband, her family were there to witness the results. “Within minutes of putting it on, I felt like a different person. I felt secure, it’s flexible and I knew it couldn’t hurt the baby as its soft and stretchy. Overnight my life was transformed,” she said. “I could wear nice clothes without worrying that everyone could see I was wearing any support.This simple invention gave me such freedom.”

Mother-in-law Bev decided to look into the product and do some research, having seen the transformation in Carrie for herself. She discovered The Babybellyband provides support for the many stresses a growing baby can have on mums-to-be.

Bev and Bruce approached Caroline, at Cabea LLC, to discuss promoting Babybellyband to the UK and Europe and Tricorn4 International Ltd was formed.They’ve already recruited a distributor who is selling the product in Norway and Scandinavia and are looking to recruit distributors throughout Europe.

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